I Don’t think I’ll be able to study anymore tonight. First a few II years find a marriage profile of one of our Professors and second the first years come up with this hilarious post on Facebook.

PS: the spellings are the way the teacher’s pronounce them.And NALSAR is the National Academy for Legal Studies and Research. Where I study. (Suppose to be one of the best in the Country)


1.They told you that the laa/low/law was an elephant on your first day of classes

2.Random insects that you wouldve found strange earlier form an integral part of your daily environ

3.You know that romaance is supposed to be strictly forbidden….

4.Dhaba food comes dangerously close to being a treat

5.you dont need to read the menu before you order at bits and bytes

6.you dont have to think before you order dhaba food

7.You have perfected the art of procrastination

8.You’ve been stuck at needs/the internet centre past the deadline ATLEAST once

9.You call mama mama-are most definately not related to him-nd dnt really know wht his name

10.You regularly curse your phone connection.

11.You regularly curse the wi-fi connection

12.You regularly curse deadlines and the teachers who set them

13.You regularly curse the mess food but eat it neways

14.You been hauled up by VK/RS for being late in the morning

15.”Oh shit how did it get so late!” comes out of your mouth at
least once a night.

16.You live for going home

17.You have budgets that are very rarely implemented

18.paying the mess bill is a pain

19.facebooking ,msn,gtalk etc is almost a profession.

20.You go to the library but rarely end up getting much done

21.there are pretty gardens all around you,but you cant remember sitting in one

22.evening CHAI is an event in itself

23.sports means the odd inter-batch match that sees a so-so turn out

24.you’ve seen ppl getting pepped for awadh-magadh/dandiya night etc ,thought you wouldnt go,gone anyways “for a look” and stayed on for way longer than planned…

25.You know that every event will play Punjabi music-and strongly approve/disapprove

26.You can know everything and fail a test

27.You can know nothing and ace a test

28.You’ve been stuck past deadline while coming back from the city atleast once

29.You know that finding the senior who had your project is an art in itself

30.You know that the implementation of rules will be more liberal in the BHs than the GHs

31.A considerable amount of your budget goes in taking out printouts for printouts of countless rough drafts/final drafts/reviews etc..

32.You never know where the rest of your money goes

33.You cross the road without checking for traffic

34.You have no concept of “bedtime”

35.You’ve wondered how the nalsar pipeline managed to get so big and have lost count of all the things its meant to hold..

36.Despite being in the South of the country,a good majority of the people around you are from Punjab/UP/Haryana/Bihar/De lhi/Bengal…

37.Cleaning your room seems like a good thing when there’s an assignment/project to do.

38.You’ve at some point felt lonely despite being surrounded by friends

39.Your phone has some 3-4 auto wallas numbers

40.You know the fare from college-shamirpet,college- bits and bytes,college to karkhana etc. like the back of your hand

41.You’ve very seriously considered getting up early on the weekend to take the bus to the city,failed MISERABLY and continued spending 500 bucks for the day’s transport alone

43.You’ve mooted/signed up/plan to do the same for a moot within college/outside college

44.You know that ppl at NLS have WAAYYY more liberal timings and curfew-complain about the curfew as and when possible but are glad you came here anyways…

45.After coming here,your accent has incorporated touches of your friends too..

46.When you meet ppl outside,tell them where you’re from and they say “yaa-nalsar-it’s in hyderabad-right”;a part of you vaguely wonders how nalsar is IN hyderabad

47.You have a batch group on google/yahoo groups

48.You pull all-nighters with a frequency that can only be described as unhealthy.needless to say-the all-nighters are rarely as productive as they were meant to be .

49.You use the adjective ‘jobless’ to describe yourself/sm1 around you ATLEAST once a day- unless you have exams..then you just wonder how the fuck you plan to finish you syllabi.

50.You’ve tried ever so hard to stay awake in VK’s class in the firszt hour.

51.You’ve slept peacefully through majority of VCV’s hours.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
52 .@the guys-u know that u might at some point, be required to exhibit homosexual tendencies in order to weasel amuch needed extension or attendance

53.You are sick of your roommate for not cleaning the mess in your room…even though the last time you cleaned it yourself was over a month back.

54.You set fancy deadlines(which fall before the actual one) but end up staying up the night before its due anyways.

55.You begin to learn the art of hitchiking