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Muntadhar al-Zeidi, a local reporter hurled a shoe at President George W Bush when he was giving a press conference during his visit to Iraq. This guy has now got the status of a hero in the Country where still thousands scorn the occupation of their country by the United States of America.

Now, his case has been transferred to the Central Criminal Court set up by the US in 2003. The procedure under Iraqi law is that an investigative judge is going to review the evidence and then decide whether the accused should stand trial. If he finds in the affirmative, then a three judge bench would sit and determine his guilt.  What exactly may he be charged with? Here are some of the options;

– An assasination attempt on President Bush ?

– An ex supporter of Saddam and now having an alliance with the terrorists?

– Insulting a foreign leader. This is what the Iraqi officials have actually recommended.

Meanwhile, after his arrest, the reporter was tortured and is reported to have a broken leg, cracked ribs and some injuries under his eye. Even with the establishment of the rule of law that US authorities are talking about in that country, torture is an open concept and no action seems to be taken on that charge. America has openly declared that it would not interfere with the Iraqi justice system in this matter. Considering that he was tortured and beaten up, they should. At the same time, we are talking of a country that blatantly violates human rights law and tortures people in Abu Gharaib and Guantanamo.