Could there be any truth in what Norman Finkelstein says? In fact, before that, for my readers; who is Norman Finkelstein?
Norman Finkelstein is the son of holocaust survivors. In 1980, during his Ph.d he claimed to fame by denying that holocaust. He said that the holocaust was a sham and there is proof of millions stacked in holocaust survivor’s accounts to state their misery during the nazi rule. First, surprising to hear that from a Jew. Second, from a son whose parents were holocaust survivors.
Last year, Ahmed e-jinad was hosting the holocaust denial conference and it was not surprising to see Finkelstein’s name in the top of the invites list. To my knowledge, the only jew. His name was ofcourse alongside another denier, David Duke.
Finkelstein criticized Joan Peter’s From Time Immerorial in 1984 and earned himself the anti-semi tag. He has now written BEYOND CHUTZPAH. The Book talks about the misuse of anti semitism and the abuse of history. Norman is said to have made use of many reports and findings to state that the holocaust had never occurred. He alleges that what we believe is the result of public diplomacy. Why, he even quotes how many nazi supporters have been imprisoned in germany and other parts of Europe (Ernst Zundel still languishes in jail). While that is one facet of the book, on the other side he makes use of it to launch a vehement attack on Alan Dershowitz. Time and again he takes the opportunity to criticize his book The Case for Israel. Somewhere down the line, the debate on holocaust denial is turning out to be more of a Finkelstein v. Dershowitz debate.
But then, I again come down to the question I asked earlier, Could it possibly be true that the Holocaust never took place? Is it possible that the millions of deaths that we heard about actually never happened? If so, it could go down to be the biggest cover up in history.

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