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The Miller Center Debates on “In the war against terrorism and with advances in technology, Americans need to lower their expectations of privacy”

Supporting the resolution: Douglas W. Kmiec, Professor of constitutional law at Pepperdine; and K.A. Taipale, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology Policy. Opposing: John, Lord Alderdice, terrorism specialist and former Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly; and Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center and Georgetown law professor.

The Transcripts of the Debate may be downloaded here.

The Videos and audio files may be viewed/heard at the Miller Center site.

Self : I think I’m losing my sanity in this place. This place is getting on my nerves.

Manav : Ah well ! I had a fleeting glimpse of sanity three years ago. We waved at each other and parted ways…


This is what law school does to you.

PS: The Supreme Court is out with its judgment on the reservations case.

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