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Muntadhar al-Zeidi, a local reporter hurled a shoe at President George W Bush when he was giving a press conference during his visit to Iraq. This guy has now got the status of a hero in the Country where still thousands scorn the occupation of their country by the United States of America.

Now, his case has been transferred to the Central Criminal Court set up by the US in 2003. The procedure under Iraqi law is that an investigative judge is going to review the evidence and then decide whether the accused should stand trial. If he finds in the affirmative, then a three judge bench would sit and determine his guilt.  What exactly may he be charged with? Here are some of the options;

– An assasination attempt on President Bush ?

– An ex supporter of Saddam and now having an alliance with the terrorists?

– Insulting a foreign leader. This is what the Iraqi officials have actually recommended.

Meanwhile, after his arrest, the reporter was tortured and is reported to have a broken leg, cracked ribs and some injuries under his eye. Even with the establishment of the rule of law that US authorities are talking about in that country, torture is an open concept and no action seems to be taken on that charge. America has openly declared that it would not interfere with the Iraqi justice system in this matter. Considering that he was tortured and beaten up, they should. At the same time, we are talking of a country that blatantly violates human rights law and tortures people in Abu Gharaib and Guantanamo.

Ahmed Harun, Sudan’s Minister of State for Humanitarian Affairs has given an interview to the guardian and protested his innocence for the death of more than 250,000 people in Sudan. This comes at a time when the International Criminal Court has charged Harun with the crime of genocide and asked for his arrest.

Mr. Harun’s contention is that the evidence against him has been concocted by the international community and he has vowed not to submit himself to the international criminal court.

Readers may also read this excellent post on the Genocide convention and its relevance in the world today.

Beautiful though she was, she was no Saint.

She an instance of human political tendency to immortalize those who’ve been assasinated.

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The Book I so want to read now; Jack Goldsmith’s The Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration.

In October 2003, President Bush appointed Goldsmith, a self-described conservative who proudly proclaims that he is not a civil libertarian, head of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, thus making him chief adviser to the president about the legality of presidential actions. Ten months later, Goldsmith resigned because he could not endorse the unlawful policies the administration had implemented in the war on terror.

Shortly after taking office, Goldsmith reviewed a series of highly confidential opinions written by his predecessors in the Bush administration that defended the legality of “some of the most sensitive counterterrorism operations in the government.” To Goldsmith’s shock and dismay, he found that some of these opinions “were deeply flawed: sloppily reasoned, overbroad, and incautious in asserting extraordinary constitutional authorities on behalf of the President.” What was going on?

Continue reading this review…..

Another review from International Herald Tribune reads,

As Goldsmith recounts in his chilling new book, “The Terror Presidency,” he and his Justice Department colleagues (in consultation with lawyers from the State Department, the Defense Department, the CIA and the National Security Council) reached a consensus in 2003 that the Fourth Geneva Convention (which governs the duties of an occupying power and the treatment of civilians) affords protection to all Iraqis, including those who are terrorists. When he delivered this decision to the White House, he recalls, Addington exploded: ” ‘The president has already decided that terrorists do not receive Geneva Convention protections,’ he barked. ‘You cannot question his decision.’ “

There has been a lot of criticism of the way the Bush Adminisration is running and managing its War on Terror program. I would like to read this book to learn more about it. The reviews make it seem very interesting. 🙂

Israeli authorities have declared Gaza a ‘hostile area’. For those who read the papers they would know that the reason is the activities of the Hamas in that area. Israel has totally cut of fuel supplies to gaza and people in the area are not allowed to leave even if they go for medical reasons. Condolezza Rice on the other hand promises to keep supplying aid to the Palestinians there. As a result of no fuel, there is not power in 80% of the city and people are dying in the hospitals because of the impossibility of performance of surgeries and medical attention. The action to allegedly tackle the Hamas, is one that affects the common gazan population. I am myself touched to read and get to know the ground story of such action. Dr. Mona El Farra writes;

Gaza today
I am extremely worried about the power cut off . more than 50%of Gaza electricity is AlAwda hospital , we have enough of fuel to run our alternative electrical generators for one week . all hospital are threatened to stop of its surgical operations and diffrent medical services .if the situation will continue .Many essential medications are lacking on the hospital shelves, I expect the poverty level to increase to unprecedented level. Ordinary Palestinian people pay the price of the occupation , their democratic choice and bewilderment of their leaders.

I promise u that i shall work hard with my team to help people . with your support and solidarity we can do a lot.

Mona elfarra

I recommend all of my readers to read her blog. It’s touching. Every time I read it my heart goes out to the palestinians and support for their struggle.

Elie Wiesel, a jew himself commented in 1986 that to be indifferent then is a sin. The greatest concern that one can have is not of security but that of humanity. While the above is preached to the whole world, Israel certainly doesnt seem to be following that. When can we realise the man can live together in harmony and peace rather than fighting over land occupied by themselves.

The problem I have with Israel is that in the 1950’s they asked for the sympathy of the world to what Hitler did to them and now seem to be doing the same to the Palestinians. It is a struggle against suppression that the Palestinians pursue and what we can best do is to support people like Dr Mona Elfarra and others in their endeavour.