Bobby Jindal has won! He is now officially the new governor of Louisiana.

Think I’m writing this for the main fact that he’s an Indian and has won in a once segregated state. Born of native Indians in New Orleans, this guy has actually come up the ranks the hard way to win and become the top man in a US State.

NYT reports,


The ascendancy of the Brown- and Oxford-educated Mr. Jindal, an unabashed policy wonk who has produced a stream of multipoint plans, is likely to be regarded as a racial breakthrough of sorts in this once-segregated state. Still, it is one with qualifiers attached.

And yes, like always, the sirens have started hounding louder in India than in the US of his victory. Indian news channels have already started showing videos of Bobby’s Indians home and lineages in his town. Similar instances happened when Sunita Williams went to space and when she came to India after that, not one day did i not see her photograph with some school children on the cover page talking about their future.

Bobby Jindal is a nice man. Deserves the credit. But do we Indians always have to make big issues about such instances as if History would never witness them again?