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Hah! this month has been amazing. Not only am I not working as I generally do, but I’m also spending a lot of time with Rimcollians (that’s a term used to refer to alumni from my school, RIMC). Why, just yesterday seven of us met up at INS Hamla and I must say that lots of old memories were brought back. Below are some of the topics of discussions;

1) Apparently Raja Wangdi Sherpa, one of the best cadets I’ve known, had a boxing bout with Vibhore Singh when the former was the cadet captain. Vibhore was recounting his experience and his passionate ‘second’ joshing him up against one of the best boxers. At this time, I also remembered the bout between Major Vikramjeet Singh (now Col.) and Bikramjeet Singh alias ‘bhakka’ that took place in my first sem.

2) When something inside me gave me a ‘go ahead’ to enter the 48-51 kg category to fight against Manjeet Kataria (this guy was the nationals variety) and Romen Singh. I was declared RSC after the first round.

3) Cheating in NDA writtens; UPSC exams. One of the best experiences of my life I must say. There’s no better charm than helping your classmates clear the exam. All of us from different classes were recounting as to how we had done it.

4) Not to forget, Col Houghton and the headless horseman incident. We were trying to recall as to who all were involved in it. I now know that Maj. Vivek Singh was on the ropes, Toshi on the beams and PK Pandey. But we still haven’t figured as to who was riding the horse. 🙂

5) About how Gaurav Madan, Rajan Chikkara, Vishal Singh and Subeg Singh Dhindsa were the coolest people in college during our time. The Best batch went undoubtedly to Raja’s batch.This also included Bhaskar Shukla, Mithun and Srinivas.

6) Of rounds at five thirty and how I dreaded rolling with bajri (pebbles) put on my back on the cemented floor.

7) Of reducing runs; tapkeshwar, robbers cave and lalgate. Coming back after the run and having blankets put on you while you are ‘legs up and hands down’ and people beating you up with hockey sticks so that you sweat and lose weight.

8) Of how chandragupt section always ended up being the underdogs and beat up Pratap once in a memorable football match.

9) Not to forget the Obstacle course which all of us agreed was the most interesting event in RIMC. As to how everyone used to do the course and all the drama that takes place when the last man is on the burma bridge and monkey crawl and everyone is cheering up.

10) Lastly, of the championship; Mr. Vishwakarma’s introduction of the “jhadoo pocha” (cleaniness) cup and sections winning the overall championship and lifting the Arjun tank model. Out of my five years at school, my Section Ranjit won it 3 times. We joined as champions and passed out as one.

A lot more was discussed till five in the morning on the beach and rooms at the station. The Rimcollians present were;

Rahul Choudhary, Vibhore Singh, PInku Singh, Ashish Kumar, M Arun, Cdr. RK Singh and self.

I’m not much of an American Idol fan. But out of sheer boredom yesterday I decided to watch the grand finale between the David’s and I must say I was in awe the moment I heard David Archuleta singing “Don’t let the sun go down on me”. That guy easily knocked down his opponent David Cook I tell you.

So I slept and woke up next morning to hear that David Cook had won from a record 12.5 million votes and was shocked!!! . Not that this Cook guy was undeserving or anything, but when the judges clearly declared the winner, the public that voted must have found someother judging factor. Maybe it was Archuletta’s age; that guy was just out of college. 🙂

Well, for all I care, it was a good show and I was just a little “zoned out” by trying to understand how the american people must have voted.

I Don’t think I’ll be able to study anymore tonight. First a few II years find a marriage profile of one of our Professors and second the first years come up with this hilarious post on Facebook.

PS: the spellings are the way the teacher’s pronounce them.And NALSAR is the National Academy for Legal Studies and Research. Where I study. (Suppose to be one of the best in the Country)


1.They told you that the laa/low/law was an elephant on your first day of classes

2.Random insects that you wouldve found strange earlier form an integral part of your daily environ

3.You know that romaance is supposed to be strictly forbidden….

4.Dhaba food comes dangerously close to being a treat
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