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I’m not much of an American Idol fan. But out of sheer boredom yesterday I decided to watch the grand finale between the David’s and I must say I was in awe the moment I heard David Archuleta singing “Don’t let the sun go down on me”. That guy easily knocked down his opponent David Cook I tell you.

So I slept and woke up next morning to hear that David Cook had won from a record 12.5 million votes and was shocked!!! . Not that this Cook guy was undeserving or anything, but when the judges clearly declared the winner, the public that voted must have found someother judging factor. Maybe it was Archuletta’s age; that guy was just out of college. 🙂

Well, for all I care, it was a good show and I was just a little “zoned out” by trying to understand how the american people must have voted.