Rather writing something of my own sitting 12,000 miles away in Canada, I thought it’d be better to put in an email conversation that I had with a close friend of mine, working in south Mumbai, right at the heart of where the ill- fated attacks occurred.

hey bro,
im fine, everyone in office is fine…but the city is not fine…everyone knew someone who was affected somehow. some lost their family members, some lost friends, and some lost there fellow indians…they were terrorists with clear missions, they held the taj gateway and oberoi hostage along with nariman house for 3 days, not fearing death and merciless towards people…it was a completely and total take over of our own home. they had gotten into our homes, killed everyone they came across and were willing to kill anyone else who came in their path…its damn scary that we had to fight to regain control of our city..hats off to the army, navy, police, and the rest of the security forces for the came back from behind and fought…but someone needs to teach these freaking politicians a lesson now…im hopin they understand from this and stop dividing the country over vote politics…and actually start paying attention to the large issues at hand..
anyways ..hope all is well with u ..u take care
Hope this message gets sent to all those involved in making India safer.