Both the teams left towards Konta camp at around eight in the monrning. Now the road to Konta is one where the maximum camps are located in the area. In fact, a few months ago in Errabol camp a mass killing of 25 people including women and children had occurred at point blank range.
At Injram camp, the two teams split ways and I was on my way to Andhra Pradesh to meet some of the 13,000 odd Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who fled the Salwa Judum. Out of horror and shock I dont want to recount most of the stories I documented but Sanchita documented one of this young woman who was literally beaten and sexually abused with her hair being pulled and I can’t even imagine what not (Sanchita can give a better picture of it).
I documented the testimonies of people from Naindar village; a village that had been burnt and built twice and to my knowledge most of the men had been killed and daughters reported missing. In one instance, the forces from Chattisgarh crossed the state border to Andhra Pradesh to hunt down and kill three people allegedly suspected to be naxalites.

On our way back we were stopped by 14-15 year old children carrying .303’s and AK-56s. When you ask them their age they tell you that they’re 30 years old and that they’re appointed by the police at Special Police Officers (SPOs). That is when you smile at their plight and at the same time wonder what has happened to the political and legal structure and its working mechanism in this country. Nobody gives a damn about the constitution or numerous SC judgments of Bhagwati or so out here and they just want to live. The worst is, we fail to provide them even that sense of security.

We returned at night while it was raining heavily to find that around 60-70 victims and families had come over to the ashram to depose before the National Human Rights Commission the next day. One the fun part, I joined Sridevi and Sanchita to get wet in the rain and got myself involved in a mud fight. Certain subtle child like pleasures of me I would say.