Gerald Ford once opined that if fuel is cheap and the roads are brilliant, there’s no stopping to a great economy. Partly true in my opinion. Why!, Ford’s “Model T” brought about a revolution in the early 20th Century such that everyone then could own a car. The dynamics of the American economy changed with the automobile industry and the Tata’s in India seem to be treading the same path.

I’m no automobile expert to comment on the Nano’s features but I can already see a bright future for the Indian economy. I can imagine myself not having to have a two- wheeler or an auto rickshaw going zig-zag on the road in Bombay or bangalore and blocking my path; no traffic jams if everyone follows lane driving rules… 🙂

The car design is sleek. Way better than a Maruthi 800 for sure. The release of this car adds up to Tata’s reputation of bringing remarkable change in the economy with something out of the box. But yes, the release is not free of its controversies and environmentalists have already started asking to beware of the polluting effects of this ‘cheap car’ and labeling it ‘not environmental friendly’.

From what I’ve read about the car, I dont see anything wrong with it. But I still don’t know whether I’d like to buy one or not. Perhaps its because of the price and this stupid mentality of mine doesnt want to associate with anything cheap and attach itself to notions of status and class in the society. 🙂