What the feminists want of me is something they haven’t examined because it comes from religion. They want me to bear witness. What they would really like me to say is, ‘Ha, sisters, I stand with you side by side in your struggle toward the golden dawn where all those beastly men are no more.’ Do they really want people to make oversimplified statements about men and women? In fact, they do. I’ve come with great regret to this conclusion.

                                                                                                                                                     Doris Lessing, NYT, 1982


 Regarded as the Grand Dame of Literature, Doris Lessing has been awarded the Nobel prize this year for literature. I haven’t read her.  But the good thing about these prizes is that you get to read  and know about such amazing authors and appreciate them. The Grass is Singing  and the Golden Notebook are my next literary purchases.