Is democracy a hard thing to achieve? Pakistan Preseident Pervez Musharaff surely knows how to get away with things in the name of democracy. This time, all the pieces fit in the puzzle.

When Nawaz Shariff wants to come back to his homeland, the moment he lands at the ariport he is packed off to political asylum.

Now Benazir Bhutto comes home and there is a blast with 136 dead and still counting. Solicited Pakistani media was quick to react and put the blame on Al- Qaida who allegedly don’t approve of Bhutto’s support for the US ‘War on Terrorism’. But that does not and should not remove the slight possibility that the President had a hand in this incident. And the motive; to keep his political rivals away in the coming elections.

What baffles me more is the utmost disregard to human life in the midst of political conflict. That democracy has turned out to be a notion of multiple political parties vying for power rather than concern for the people themselves. To be noted is that Pakistan is not the only playground for such antics and this seems to be observed everywhere, be it the USA or even Gujarat. Surely Modi’s supposed ‘Ram Rajya’ is a trick in this regard (To the english media he says its the Gandhian notion of a welfare state, but the common gujarati believes it to be a Hindu state).

I am certain that the coming pakistani elections would be an interesting event to read about.