Next time you travel to Delhi and take a walk around Chandni Chowk, don’t be surprised if you don’t see any of three wheeled cycles around. The Delhi High Court in its archetypal style passed an order banning all cycle rickshaws on the arterial roads of Delhi and said that such roads were the main link roads and were meant for carrying vehicles.

‘Carrying Vehicles’! these are again one of those times when you get thinking what’s happening to our judiciary? In May 2007, the Court again had passed an order banning road side eateries. That meant the very paratha walas that we used to savour on would have had to go. Thankfully the government and SC stepped in and made certain clarifications. I remember the face that my friend Wrick made when the ITO and South Ex paratha walas had to close down for two days pending the order.


Coming back to the issue, on a petition by a like minded organisation, ‘Initiative for Transportation and Developmental Programs’ the Supreme Court has ordered a stay and decided to look into the matter. In what is termed as a surprising move by many people, Jusitce Balakrishnan and Justice Raveendran have issued notices to the Municipal Corpn of Delhi and will look into the SLP. I’ve just started wondering what would happen to the thousands of rickshaw owners who would be rendered unemployed if this order were to stay. Courts have started getting into this garb of elitism where they are not concerned of the consequences that would ensue to the poor of their decisions. An aspect of socialism is important to be present in this regard. Hopefully the Court should mend its ways and pass a decision that’s just in this matter. Even if it were to allow the order, adequate measures for rehabilitation should be provided.