Till a while ago, I thought that the Gujjars are going to get away with all the damage that they have caused. The railways alone have suffered losses of upto 200 crores. Rajasthan roadways of about 50 crores and not to mention the lives of about 27 people.

Col. Bainsla, the Gujjar leader may finally have to pay the price for all the damage that the community has caused.

Well not anymore! The state machinery has finally decided to crack the whip on the Gujjars by registering cases against the leaders for murder, destruction of property and conspiracy. Looks like the government was waiting for the exact moment to put these things in place. Earlier when the ‘peace accord’ was reached, Col. Bainsla the Gujjar leader apologised for all the damage the Gujjars had caused and stated that it was required to attain an end but meant no harm to people. Well, he just will have to pay for it now.

These are the moments I cherish the most. You finally see the law taking its course. Short lived it may though be, but it brings some satisfaction. I just hope this does’nt turn into another mockery and sham.