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Why Skeptical Dogmatist?! As a wise man once said, We know too much to be dogmatists, and too little to be skeptics.

I follow confucsioinsim.

I assure you, it has nothing to do with Confucious. Probably, it has everything to do with Confusion. Am I a right-conservative or a left-liberal? Am I centrist? Or libertanian? Authoritarian? Or is it Liberal-Marxism, the Presi school of thought! My contributions to this blog are merely an attempt to find an answer to this question, which has often plagued my mind, since Presidency. I, for instance am dead against Reservations on basis of Castes. Does that make me a rightist?! But then, I feel Godhra was nothing less than a genocide. Oh! so am I a leftist now?!

May be my definitions of rightist/leftist are screwed. [I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find a better adjective] I’ll learn. Soon. Through this blog. Hopefully.

Or may be you think I’m a bored nerd who is trying to be cool. 😉

We just got ourselves a new blogger to write for the blog; Brajendu a.k.a. Skeptical Dogmatist.

The books list on his profile says,

I have read playboy. I have also read the new testament

I have known Skeptical Dogmatist since the age of 13. We both were together at Military School and now doing law together at Nalsar. As a condition, he has requested that his posts not be moderated and he is free to express his views on this Blog. Might I make my readers aware that he is one of the most intelligent and well read guys in my class.
The next post is yours Skeptical Dogmatist.

PS: Apologies for no posts lately. Exams are going on. Posts will be regular from the 5th of May.