For deciding not to patent your anti-malarial drug ; at a time when the existing malarial drugs are becoming ineffective and the mosquitos are becoming resistant to it.

For having concern for the millions of poor people on planet earth

For setting an example for the filthy rich pharmaceutical companies to follow

For helping the cause of countries like India and those in Africa.

For fighting against malaria and putting in billions of dollars in its research: The Impact Malaria programme was created in 2001 and is sanofi-aventis contribution to the fight against malaria. Its four major axes are:
1. to discover new antimalarial drugs,
2. to develop new combinations or formulations from existing drugs, particularly ACTs,
3. to inform, educate and communicate about malaria, especially remote healthcare facilities, communities and families,
4. to distribute antimalarial drugs which are vital to the poorest populations, with a differential pricing approach, including a “no profit-no loss” policy.
These actions are carried out with public and private healthcare organisations and the health authorities in the countries concerned, notably through national malaria control programmes in liaison with the WHO, Roll Back Malaria Partnership and leading international institutions.